I began to use AdvoCare products when I was 16 years old strictly for enhancement of my performance on the football field. I figured if I could gain more weight with the help of these products, there would be no problem for me to go out on the field and be an impact player. The O2 Gold, Post Workout Recovery, Nighttime Recovery, Rehydrate and Spark did exactly what I needed them to do. I put on 20lbs of muscle and made dramatic increases in my overall strength. I was able to have a tremendous high school athletic career and even able to have the opportunity for college ball.

Now I am way beyond my playing days, and after a serious knee injury that has continued to plague me for the last 10 years, AdvCcare products have once again helped me get back to the healthy type of lifestyle I enjoy. My knee is almost a non-factor and I've dropped the 10 extra pounds I was carrying during my recovery phase of my third surgery. These products truly are amazing.

Currently, AdvoCare is paying me about $2,500 a month as I share the products with other individuals looking to get the same great results I do. I am inspired by this company to continue bettering myself and my life in order to make a positive impact on everyone I know.

Improve your Health and Performance:
This is what I live my life aiming for. I am getting more and more questions regarding losing weight, increasing energy, getting stronger, getting leaner, more endurance etc. We are constantly aiming to improve and elevate your mindset towards all of these things. All I can say is do what others are doing. Eat quality food and measure it (taught in our nutrition seminars). We also have several clients taking it a step further for performance.

AdvoCare Nutritional Supplements are a great and provably safe way to do this. I recommend these products for everyone of you looking to look and feel better, perform and recover faster, or have more energy. These products will help you all looking for an answers. Check out their website or contact me to get more information about it.
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(MNS, Muscle Strength, Catalyst, Post Workout Recovery, Nighttime Recovery, and Spark are some of my favorite products.)