About Me

Michael Gregory - Austin, Texas
I Believe in:  God - CrossFit - Paleo - Advocare - People!

I am a Level II CrossFit Instructor and received my USA Olympic Weight lifting certification under renowned Coach Mike Burgener. I have over 10 years of experience in strength and conditioning and high intensity training. I have extensive experience working with individuals of all ages in both 1-on-1 and group settings. Whether you are a high school athlete looking to attend a team-based strength and conditioning program or a retiree interested in gaining mobility and youthful energy, I will motivate you toward your maximum abilities. I have a passion for sharing my fitness knowledge with individuals ready to commit to a program of health and wellness.

Fitness and Athletic Training Instructor
Level II Certified CrossFit (www.crossfit.com)
Level I USAW Certified Club Coach (http://weightlifting.teamusa.org)
Trigger Point Therapy U6 Certified (www.tptherapy.com)
11 years experience Olympic Weight Lifting
11 years experience Power Lifting
4 1/2 years experience Kettlebell Training

CrossFit Instructor
Group training 10-25 people

Personal Trainer
1 - 3 people