Training Options

Class Schedule:

MWF 5:30 a.m. @ Central
MWF 6:15 a.m. @ Central
MWF 7:00 a.m. @ Central
MWF 11:15 a.m. @ Central
MWF 12:15 p.m. @ Central

Small Group Training:

I offer small group and individual (one-on-one) personal training at RedBlack Gym. Small group training in a 3-person group is a great opportunity to gain personal coaching and greater results in a cost effective way. I have openings in several 3-person groups on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Email me if you have interest in either group or individual PT. I have limited space, so email me today to secure your spot. Discounted PT packages available when purchasing 4 or more sessions in advance.

RedBlack Gym is the region’s first premier athletic performance facility. The Central Austin garage gym combines several of the most proven performance training and muscular recovery methods in North America: Underground Strength™ training, Center for Athletic Performance Elite™ conditioning, CrossFit Football™ power work, Russian Kettlebell™ agility, and Sport Speed™ coaching. These methods, when combined with a program focused on muscle recovery, neuro-endocrine response, whole nutrition, advanced supplementation, Olympic weight lifting, and body weight gymnastic movements, have been proven to greatly increase athletic performance while decreasing injury potential.