Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Show has Begun!

So... my workouts have gottin much tougher... after i had this last knee surgury i wasn't sure i would ever be able to push myself to certain extremes again. Yet here i am... steady pushin myself beyond limits that i've ever imagined and the knee is hardly a factor... Not only can i do workouts that i love but i'm about to be a certified teacher for this stuff... can you imagine gettin paid to do what you love... i've read that 67% of you don't even like what you do... not sayin its a really bad thing because i've been there too, but i won't do it again and my promise to you is that its your choice to do what you do...

my workout today:

sets 10 to 1 - WallBall Shots (12 Lbs)
sets 1 to 10 - handstand pushups

sets 10 to 1 - Incline Bench 100lbs
sets 1 to 10 - Sprawls

sets 1 to 10 - 20lb Dumbell Swings/ Back Exstensions/ hanging leg raises...

finished with sets of 100 and 50 on toes taps

time: 35:20

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