Thursday, November 15, 2007

Does Crossfit Make you Smaller?

I first started Crossfit workouts in April of 2006. Because the intensity of the workouts, I naturally had to make sure I wasn't lifting anything too heavy so that I wouldn't hurt myself. No other weight workout had ever challenged me so intensely with the cardiovascular aspect of training quite like this. My body immediately responded my getting leaner and more defined than I ever have been before.
As I started to share the program with guys who where used to weight training in a gym for strength alone, an immediate concern for them was that our program was not going to be sufficient for them. All they could see was that they would not be as big and muscular and as traditional body building style program would allow. This is a total misconception. Usually with the movements we do, they will have to do lighter loads because they haven't mastered the movements. Once the movements feel more natural, they loads can get heavier and heavier. After a year and a half of doing this training program, I am now stronger than I've ever been, and I am able to handle my heart rate getting up to 200 without letting it slow me down.
The point here is not only to be able to Bench 300 and squat 500. It is not only to be able to run 5 miles in under 40 minutes. It is not only to have a 25 Tabata score;a sub 3 minute Fran; a 350 Fight gone Bad, or a sub 20 Linda time, but to be able to do any of those things on any given day. You're fitness levels are to be tested by more than just what you like to do. You have to do what you hate to become a top tier Crossfitter. Step up to the challenge if you dare! These Pictures were takin about a year apart. Still think Crossfit Doesn't work?

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Good post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.