Friday, June 6, 2008

Sweat Demons!


Crossfit is know for being intense. The actuallity of it is that the workout can be as intense as you allow it. If in your mind you can conquer the feelings that come along with being fatigued(muscles burning, out of breathing, heart racing, head spinning) and continue to get work done at a high rate, then your body will have a neurological effect like never before. Crossfit workouts are short. In many of them we want them to be as short as possible to prove to ourselves that we are more capable than our minds will allow us to think. If you truly want fitness, get more work done quicker and your physical appearance and ability will be where they have never been. Don't believe your mind when it tells you to take it easy unless you want to let weakness rule. Ability to do is a powerful thing and should be experienced over and over again!

When you do your workouts right, you might be able to get your very own sweat demon! I hope so!
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