Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something to think about!

My boy Lance "Stavo" Cantu just made a great post showing the Scalability of Crossfit. This is something we always preach for our clients since obviously we all have to start somewhere.
Now I'm thinking to myself, if this is a program everybody can do, why the Hell isn't everybody doing it?
I hear way to often that Crossfit is only for a select amount of people and not every is going to do it. We like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and say that its okay if people don't want to do it because it is difficult and there mind and bodies are just not able to endure this type of program.
Can I be the first to call Bull$#*%?
All people are doing by saying that is giving everybody who thinks it too hard an excuse not to challenge themselves to do their best in something. This is way to common this day in age. People do not need a pass from somebody else that it is okay to not do their best in all things possible. Every individual should be out pursuing their best in all realms of their lives. If They are not doing that then they are out FAILING in areas.
I'm not saying that we do not all fail or make mistakes or ignorantly limit ourselves in many ways. I know we do. I am saying though that we do not have the excuse to continue the pathway of Failure.
Crossfit is a program that demands your best. Your Best is all we ask and will always be good enough. The truth is that it is Hard.
The lie is that it is too hard or that it is not for you. Your body and your mind can overcome the restrictions that say otherwise?

You know about this stuff and you are not doing it... Its time you start doing and stop making excuses. I've seen way to many people do just that to let any body else tell me they can't for any reason unworthy.
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