Friday, January 30, 2009

The Dot Com's


Crossfit Central Coaches are in training for The 2009 National Crossfit Games which are coming up in July. Before that we have the Regional Qualifiers in May which will be in Ft. Worth.
Only 5 competitors from our 5 state Region will go to California for the individual competition. I know there are many people whom I do not know that will show up to Ft. Worth ready to compete. Our coaches all have ambitions to qualify and almost every day you will be able to find us at the Gym doing Workout of the Day (Usually between 1 and 2pm on Weekdays).
This training protocol is the best way to become generally prepared to perform well at any workout they could throw at us at the Qualifiers or the Games. The website will allow any individual who has any weekness in there fitness to improve on them over a long term commitment to following it.
These workouts are not easy(even for us) and not alway exactly what we would prefer to see as our Workout each day.

You gotta do what your not good at and usually that falls into you gotta do what you don't like!

Happy Crossfitting!
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