Monday, March 30, 2009

Love to Cook!

Or do you even know how. I've been doing it since I can remember. I was definately standing about eye level at the time.

Now I'm the best cook I know and I only am truly satisfied after one of my own meals.

Today's Supper:
3 oz of Ribeye Steak
2 oz of Chicken Sausage
Heaping amount of Sauted
Red Bell Pepper
Little Brown Mushrooms

Thanks me for the wonderful feast!

If you aren't eating like this I suggest you learn. Crossfit Central will be hosting a Nutrional Seminar at the
gym at 7 pm tomorrow night. We are the healthiest people you know and there is a reason we don't go see doctors for advice or anything else for that matter!
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Russell Butler said...

Right on Mike!! I have enjoyed your cooking since about the age of 10. I totally agree you've gotten tons better, and helped me get better at this cooking and eating stuff too! Thanks for the help bro...keep rockin and rollin!!!!

Susannah said...

So maybe you need to have a cooking class so that the cooking impaired (like me) might learn a thing or two!

Clif said...

I agree with Susannah. Can't be bragging about your cooking without a cooking class.