Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Joining the Cult

What is it now, Like a million die hard Crossfit soldiers who read the workouts posted on Crossfit.com and give it there best shot to complete the workout as they are prescribed?

"Oh my God that was the Hardest things I've ever done!"
"This stuff is Crazy!"
"I'm gonna kill that workout!"

These are only a few of the things that Crossfitter Say on a daily basis.

These workouts are said to get any man, woman and child in the best shape they've ever known. No other program stands close in comparison when it comes to challenge a person's overall fitness.

I say, "That is the truth!" Even though CrossFit Central's Programming doesn't follow Crossfit.com's WOD at our gym, that programming will deliver the best results when done as RX'ed.

3 of our clients have stepped up to the challenge to take on Crossfit Central's newest class option called simply

The .com class 1 pm M/T/Th/Fr

We are taking the workouts exactly as they are type on Crossfit.com and doing them in our gym for any client who wants to take that leap.

Welcome to Elite Fitness!

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