Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A True testimony!

Lee is a client who comes in twice a week. She has for about a year now and has seen some great results. When I see her work out now I realize how far she has come. All of her lifts have improve 10-Fold from when she started and she has shredded just about every ounce of Body Fat from her figure.

She approached me after class about 3 weeks back and told me her testimony based on the results she from her DEXA at the University of Texas Fit Lab(Kinesiology Department).
This is the most accurate test I know of in Austin that tells you exactly where you stand from an aesthetic standpoint(Body Composition, Bone Density, BMI) . I have had mine done once and I was very impressed with it.

Take a look at her email and Results.

"Hey Mike,
As promised. here are the stats on my fat loss since June of last year. I lost 13.7 pounds of fat and gained 6.4 pounds of muscle. I think it was a combination of Crossfit, changing diet habits (adding fat and protein, cutting carbs), and heavy lifting."

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