Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dinner for Breakfast

I made a post months ago with a similar title to this one here. I have got to thinking allot more about nutrition again because I sometimes tend to forget that
most of you still aren't really sure what it means to eat the right food and when to eat it.
I mean, "Isn't that common sense?"

Of course not because everybody who has taught us anything about food since our childhood has had almost no idea and what to eat, when to eat it or why. Carey has
a classic post atop her blog giving a prime example of this right now.

So the most pathetic and common excuse for people who do not eat well and why is that they don't have time(especially breakfast).

I want to share my breakfast experience with you all because I'm right there with the rest of you on this one. I do not have time to make breakfast in the morning! Most days when I train at 5:30 am, I am out of the house at the latest 5:10 am. Now this puts me in a minor dilemma if I let it because again I do not let any part of my day dictate when I eat but actually let my eating schedule dictate the rest of my day.

So if we think about the basic Crossfit idea of what to eat It is this... Quality food with a balance of Protein, Fat and Carbs. This means meat and vegetables, nuts and oils with every meal.

With that in mind, this is my solution for breakfast. Since last night I ate steak, squash, collard greens cooked in olive oil I made sure that I was gonna have extra left over. I took all I wanted for my dinner onto a plate, left the rest in the skillet and added eggs. Adding eggs to the leftovers(less than what I had for my dinner portion), I now have created my morning breakfast. I put that in a tupperware and refridgerate it. In the morning I need 3 minutes of microwave heat and viola!

I am out the door with my "Dinner-Breakfast!" (most important and neglected meal of the day)

I am not concerned about food again for 3 more hours.

So hear is my point. If you day is to busy for making your food, do it another time of day and have a faster pre-prepared option to make sure you eat when you are supposed to.

We will be covering this topic with in extensive detail with all of you who who sign up for the I am Crossfit - E.P.O.C. challenge.