Friday, January 8, 2010

I have said in the past that I am not a big fan of running. I have also said that I was going to run more to prepare for The Turkey Trot.
I have consistently been an inconsistent runner since the time I started Crossfit. Typically a run is rarely a part of my warm up or workouts. I almost never just go for a run for a leisurely purpose.
For the most part I noticed that many Crossfitters are on board with this type of training idea.
Use gym movements to warm you up for gym workouts.

Before Crossfit introduced it's definition of Fitness to the world, the fittest people in the world were usually, in most opinions of the topic, thought of as athletes that could run for long distances.

It has become obvious to me know that although yes I am fit and can perform very well in many Crossfit workouts(including some with running), I do not run nearly enough to meet my goal of Elite fitness. This one Pillar is very much a missing Factor to my objective and something I can no longer justify neglecting.

Today I hit my neighborhood for a round of Hills(in West Austin) for a tougher than it should have been 17 minute bout.
These hills have definitely given me some negative experiences in the past and may have very well been a big reason why I don't like to run here! I got to thinking though, why didn't I like to run even as a younger child?
I remember being in my very early years and struggling to run even a short lap around my schools outside PE yards. Back then I had asthma that at times would completely shut my lungs down to the point of panic and tears! I was allergic to everything from fruit, cats, nuts and things I don't even know of. My home town Lubbock was Notorious for Dirt blowing around and that never helped my situation. All these thing I believe played into my perspective on this topic. None of these things are still a problem for me.
I have to say that now I no longer have that excuse. My asthma is much more manageable and the hills are not an issue that can legitimately hold me back or give me reason to think that running is not doable for me. My deal is now this.
I will run! I will Row! I will lift heavy! I will do Met Cons(Short and Long) and I will even to the Warrior Dash thanks to my friend Georgia who though it be funny to watch my 235 lb body go through some silly 3.5 mile obstacle course!

Oh yeah, And as for the 2010 CF Games... Here we Go!


Lion Heart said...

we are the Running People...

georgia said...

Fun, not funny ;)

Running for miles on end would be totally boring...throw in a pit of fire to jump over and barbed wire to crawl under in we have an adventure! You'll be smiling the whole time

Claudia said...

Unlike pull-ups & push-ups & snatches & the list goes on and on, hill running is something I actually excel at. I run an extremely challenging course every Sat AM. Only 5-6 little miles with three hills straight up. You are more than welcome to come with. But if you are too SCARED, I'll understand. :-) Don't worry, I've only seen 2 people cry on this run, one of them was actually me.

Claudia :-)

Mchael Gregory said...

C - I've only ever run a total of 5 miles straight once and that wasn't really running for the whole time.
I was miserable. I think I need to stick to 2 miles a few more times then up it to 3. 5 will be a little bit longer.

G - I don't know if you've seen me run far before! It is for sure more funny than fun! And I'm not the one laughing

Barbara said...

It seems there will be many entertaining aspects of the Warrior Dash:)

You should run it in costume!

Jessica said...

Yay, a fellow Warrior. Should be a lot of fun. Can't wait to see you in your warrior helmet! ;)

Good luck with the running. If you ever want to race on the trail, I'm down.

James said...

Hey Big Mike, I signed up for the Warrior Dash and will be running the 930am wave...see you there! It's gonna be awesome. One of my goals for 2010 is to run. A lot.