Friday, April 16, 2010

Connie and Julia

Here is a shout out! It's funny how sometimes you meet people who will make a huge impact on your life. When you meet, nothing in your mind suggest that something like that would ever happen.

These 2 ladies, Julia and Connie, new each other before they new me.

Julia first contacted me through an email about having interest in Crossfit. It took a couple weeks before I we finally coordinated a time to meet at the gym to discuss everything. We were able to converse enough to know both decided that we wanted to work with with one another. She started Crossfit and I was going to go visit her for message therapy.
Once I started I knew I was hooked. I have since gone in almost once a week for the last year. I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The benefit I have seen physical is unmeasurable and to her I am truly grateful. She has also done much work for several Crossfit Central Coaches and Clients during that time. I have also been able to see her perform Gospel(Bells of Joy) and Blues singing on occasion. She is very, very good!

Since the time I met Connie she has been dealing with a tough separation of her marriage. I immediately realized how hard a time she had been having emotionally because of it. I wasn't really sure that I could have been much help for her in regards to all that, but I knew I could help her impact her heath for the better. I have literally seen her transform over the last 8 months or so. I can't really count the number of times I have been on the phone or had sit down visits with her about the many things she has been dealing with. All I know was that she needed to find our gym at the exact moment she did. I truly believe that she is a much happier person(not to mention much healthier) than she probably was well before I met her. I have seen her deal with the situation in such a positive and beneficial manner which she probably would not have been able to do without the changes she had made in her life.

Both of these ladies I have grown to know quite well. We have not only been able to share a great journey together through improved fitness, but also have developed a true friendship with one another. I see them each about 5X a week through combinations of Crossfit Class, Personal Training Sessions, message therapy and off site visits together.

Ladies... Keep Crushin it!


Connie said...

Big Mike. Thanks for being my trainer and my friend. I am so fortunate to be part of the CrossFit community. I love the gym. The positive "get it done" attitude has given me the confidence to climb some tough emotional mountains. It feels good to stand near the top healthier, stronger and to breathe in the fresh air. Ahhh....

Okay, so this time I'm standing on a box! :)

Grace Leos said...

hey big mike, this is grace
thanks so much for being there for my aunt connie!!!
keep up the great work