Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Games and My Time with Them

This video is from Regionals Team Workout #1. I love these competitions and I have taken a lot of pride in representing the Double C's over the past 5 years.

I have learned that my body has more breakdowns than I wish I had to deal with. Prior to this year, my left arm had been giving me fits during my training. The issue was making it hard for me to train the Clean and Press specifically! Luckily, a few days before Regionals, much of the pain subsided and I was able to go out and perform during the workout. I wanted to get more weight overhead and I believe I would have if I had been able to train for the heavier loads prior to the event (the last attempt on this video clearly shows my left give out!). All in all, I finished this workout in a fair position and our team was sitting close to the top of the leaders board after day one!

I felt good going into day 2! Little did I know I was going to tweak my lower back during that day's workout. The impact of the injury caused an overwhelming amount of stabbing pain that I was unable to overcome on the 3rd day.

Since that workout, 4 weeks have passed. I am very near recovering from the injury! It has been trying for sure, but very necessary for me to take a complete layoff from CrossFit training (I have had to do this every year). I have been able to find peace with doing more Yoga and weekly physical therapy and deep tissue massage treatments!

Jeopardizing my body more by training through injuries is never an option for me! I see way too often people who are unwilling to lay off for a week, a month or even longer at times to allow their body the recovery it needs! I won't say I won't ever compete again, but I will always make sure it is in my best interest!

CrossFit doesn't have to be a year-round training philosophy...and, quite frankly, if you do make it that long, I won't expect you to make it much longer before your body becomes overwhelmed or you burn out a little bit!

Take some time during the year to cut down to 2 CrossFits a week and do more Yoga and Mobility Training combined with Strength Training.

Six months out of the year can be committed to high intensity CrossFit training up to 5 and 6 WODs a week.

All that said, I am pumped up about this years Games! Crossfit Central's very own Lisa Thiel, Carey Kepler and Lindsey Smith are on their way to Rep the CC's this year! I will surely be on the edge of my seat while they test the limits of human ability once again this year!

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Damn lefty! Good show coach mike