Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Athletes Train!

Athletes Train! This is a simple concept that most people don't fully understand! Sometimes over-complicating things or letting negative emotions into the realm of training sessions hold people back from seeing more rapid success. Russ is not one of those people.

Since coming into the gym, Russ has continued to exceed himself in every way possible. I have to give him all the credit in the world, and in many ways I am not even sure how he is able to do what he does. I see Russ at CrossFit Central and Red Black Gym often 6 days a week. Training Monday through Saturday is something not very many people can or should do. All this tells me is this guy is doing everything else right! Sleep, nutrition, mobilization and probably prayer are keeping this man going strong daily.

Here is what I've noticed from Russ over his past 6 months in our gym:
- Hard Worker (He goes all out every single time!)
- Visual Learner (If he see something done he can typically replicate it on point)
- Natural Athlete (Movements are "to the T")
- Humble (Never an ounce of pride and always praising others for their accomplishments)
- Funny (Always has an unexpected and hilarious answer or statement during class conversation)
- Good Looking (Why do we CrossFit anyway...Right?)

Anyway, this blog isn't to take credit for this guy's success...only to highlight what this man has done in order to achieve it! Great job Russ! More people should be like you my friend!

Russ' Story

I started CrossFitting in May 2011, and I started in Big Mike’s class about 2 months later. I chose Mike as a coach because I saw his picture and noticed he was big and ripped. So I figured he knew how to get big and strong.

Since training with Mike, I have noticed my strength go up. My deadlift has gone up by 60 pounds, my shoulder press by about 25 pounds. I think Mike incorporates the spiritual side into his training in terms of helping his athletes to remove limitations that they set in their own minds. CrossFitting has taught me to get rid of physical limitations that I imposed upon myself. It has also taught me that your body can do a lot more than you think it can and that the mind is the power behind the body.

I am fitter and healthier now, and I enjoy belonging to the CrossFit community. It has given me some real goals to shoot for in life from a competition perspective. Having God in my life keeps me motivated. God is the reason for any success I may have.

I was 40 when I started CrossFit. My weight hasn’t changed since then, but I have way more energy/strength, and my body fat went from 11% to below 8% in less than a year. I didn’t realize that I could work out as hard as I do in CrossFit. It has taught me to push myself harder. I also eat healthier now. Before, I ate whatever I wanted to eat - now I pay more attention to eating things that will help me have energy and strength for my workouts.

My main goal is to be a better man. My father has taught me about that. In the gym, I want to compete more. I want to get my CrossFit totals above 1,000 within the next year. I want to get better at technique in the snatch, muscle-up, etc. These were never goals before.

I recently did the Underground Kettlebell Challenge, and I loved it. I enjoyed the last challenge so much that I want to keep signing up. I love the camaraderie it brings among CrossFit athletes. It inspires me to train harder in my regular classes.

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