Thursday, December 28, 2006

WOD... Crossfit Baby!

Frank Rodriguez(from Austin, TX) and myself push our bodies past a limit in which they want to cooperate with. Some days a in the middle of a Crossfit workout you can't help but ask yourself while your doing it "what the hell was i thinking when i started this"... None the less, you always finish what you start no matter how tired you get. If you haven't heard the term "Sic-fit" yet... I challenge you to try a WOD(workout of the day) from Today we did:
3 rounds for time:
-1000 meter row
- 50 thrusters (45lb bar)
- 30 Pullups
Frank began his Crossfit workouts with me no more than 2 weeks ago and this is what he has to say... "I've been working out since i was 12 yrs old and i've never had as much fun as I am now with any other program... Crossfit makes you compete every time you train and this is a method more challenging than i've ever known. I'm becoming more fit every day and i'm eager to continue on with this style of training."

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