Friday, December 8, 2006

Holy Day

This is an amazing picture that a friend of mine sent me. Being that today is the Holy Day of reflection for the Immaculate Conception i thought this pic would work perfectly for a post today... Most people think of Mary as the mother of God but don't fully understand exactly how crucial her role in the birth of or savior actually was. Mary was chosen by God to be the Mother of Christ. Even though Mary questioned how this could even be possible and didn't fully understand the depths of God's request, she still embraced all that she was chosen for. You see, Mary was an amazing woman of faith, and she knew that all she needed to do was believe and accept the things that were asked of her. Mary is a perfect role model for all of us. As the mother of God, and of all of all of God's children(you and me), Mary showed us how to live a totally devout life. We should remember that, and do our best to do as she did when god calls us out to do things that maybe we don't fully understand.

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