Sunday, December 10, 2006

Toughin Up!!!

Text ColorSo pretty much everytime the weather has been below 50 degrees i've "wussed out" and gone to hit up a workout at the gym... Friday i decided that i was gonna take full advantage of the 40 degree tempature and get down and dirty the way all crossfiters know how... obviously being that i'm from Texas, i'm incredibly spoiled and can't stand the cold weather. The workout ended up rockin my world and anybody that seekin out a challenge, i dare you try this one.
4 rounds for time:
-20 hangs squat cleans (25 lb dmbls)
-20 pullups
-20 dips
-GPP w/20lb vest (50 skiers, 50 bellhops, 5 burbees, 20 mountain climbers, 5 squat jumps)
My time was 19 min and 20 secs
my body shut down for 30 minutes after this in the form of one of the best naps ever.
Rip it up today! Be better today than you were yesterday.

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