Friday, April 27, 2007

Crossfit Central at it again!

We have made it happen. Any and everybody that doesn't like to wake up at the break of dawn or works late in the evening have a new option. Crossfit Central has unleashed a brand new 12:15 pm class. This class has already drawn a quick gathering. I would like to welcome the first to get a taste of this class personally. Brad, Chad and Jason have already seen what this program has to offer and they are phsyched for more to come. Thanks Zach Thiel for Jumping in on this workout also. Monday April 30th will be the official start off date. Enroll ASAP! i have a feeling this program will be filled up in no time. This class is guaranteed to deliver results. Get fit, get lean, get challenged, get motivated, and take control of all things this life has to offer.

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