Thursday, May 3, 2007

Last weekend I had the privelage to attend an outstanding clinic that was put on by Texas Parkour. You want to talk about the amazing and unbelievable capabilities of the human body, these individuals are constantly pushing the envelope to prove human potential. Crossfit Central and TX Parkour have made a union in order to work hand in hand to deliver new vehicles for people to strive forth and add new belief to their lives. It is amazing when you begin to understand exactly what it is that causes one's self to set limitations on what they can or cannot do. You see, it is up to you to free your mind so that the real abilities(physical and mental) you obtain can begin to shine forth. Every single man, woman, and child is gifted in their own way. I believe that we will all come to realize that so that we may use ourselves for the greater good that this world so desparately needs.

Thanks Randal, Matt, Tim and Jeremy for a Great clinic! You guys are amazing.
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