Sunday, May 6, 2007

CrossFit Central & Regional Affiliate Seminar

Wow! What an amazing weekend! When i first started to train with the Crossfit approach, I never could have guess what would all come about from it. In the beginning it was just me pushing myself more and more in these workouts because of the relentless mentallity to finish what I started that they forced me to maintain. Anybody that saw me looked at me like a crazy madperson with no sence what so ever. I didn't care then, and I am so greatful now that I stuck with it.

Going to my first certification was an eye opening experience for me. Not only did I meet many dynamic individuals who had the same type of no nosence, get it done no matter how bad it hurts mentallity, but I also saw the support base from them that makes what we do so much more meaningful. With CrossFit, the leaders understand the aspect of community building and relationships that plays the crucial role into the importance of the Crossfit Method being the best way to train physical fitness. When you go to California Crossfit, you know to expect kick butt workouts and a awesome time with great people.

This Saturday we were able to bring that same feel to the regional affiliate seminar here in Texas. I'm greatful to all of the TX affiliates who came out. You are all amazing and i'm excited about the future growth for Crossfitters to our state. So all involved; Crossfit Plano, Crossfit A&M, Crossfit Houston, Crossfit Champions, and of course Nicole from Crossfit HQ... Thank you for making your way to Austin so that this seminar was allowed to be possible.

Also, all the presenters; Texas Parkour, Dynamax Medicine Balls, Dave King and Trigger Point Technologies... you were all outstanding.

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