Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Getting Past the Hurt!

There is a point that we hit in which we feel like we put so much effort into something that it begins to hurt. When we keep focusing all of our energy to a specific task because we want so bad the to see the positive results that can come out of it. Why bother doing anything, especially when they where on us mentally, physically and emotionally while we do them?
Once you accomplish, finish, or defeat the challenges of life that once stood infront of you, then you feel proud of what you've done. You overcame so much and worked so hard to finally see the benefit of why it was you set out to do the thing in the first place.
When you train hard such as we do in Crossfit, you know exactly what it means to "Hurt" while you are pushing yourself through the workout. Every time you step up to a challenge of the workout you have to get your mind in the right place. You will be tested, you will be challenged, you will want to stop and rest... but you always have to tell yourself that "Pain is Temporary" and push to finish as fast as possible. When its all over and you know that you couldn't possibly have done any better because you gave your all, then you will be proud of what you've done. Glory and self-respect are meant for each one of us. Do your best at all times because "Pride last Forever" and you deserve it

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