Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Raising the Bar(and its weight)

Jeremy and I were having a bit of fun the other night by seeing how much weight we could get up above our heads from the standing position. We were using the Jerk technique as the weight increased above 225 pounds. We were having great success until the weight got to 265 lbs. That took each of us a couple tries a piece. Once the load got up to 275, I had to tap out as I could hardly get the bar to rise a few inches. Jeremy had just enough power and good enough form to get the load up with a slight press to extend the bar. Pretty or not, we counted it. We have set a goal for 300 pounds which is no easy task for any Crossfitter. I'll keep you posted when it happens. In the meantime check out the video of Coach Bergener teaching the proper way to do a Push Jerk.

More info for Olympic Weightlifting.

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