Monday, October 22, 2007

BootCamp to CrossFit

Becky and Allison have been 2 very loyal bootcampers for several months now. Each of them have experienced great results from their 2 day a week program. A month ago they each thought they would like to have an extra day of workouts to take themselves to new heights. They began asking me about the indoor class and if I thought they could do it. Of course I thought that they could do it, but because Crossfit is more weight intensified, I let them know that it would be a different type of challenge.
They did great in their first month. I know that they are experiencing different types of soreness now and their bodies are starting to respond to the new style of training. I've actually been so impressed with their stamina, I've decided to start going to the bootcamp that they attend with Jeremy to improve that element of my fitness. The bootcamp and the Crossfit Class are 2 entirely different animals. Both great independent programs, but also a tremendous compliment to one another.

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