Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Training is for everyone!

When I first got into training others, I had an amazing blessing to be able to work with youth between the ages of 12 - 18. I've trained this age group for 6 years now. Now that I've decided to make do this as a full time profession, I've had to break away from many of my narrow minded ways of thinking. I was always so sure that I wouldn't be able to work with anyone who wasn't by nature or by practice a highly athletic individual. I thought that it would only be worth training people who were trying to rise to a very high level of ability. That's before I realized the power of relativity. Now that I understand that no matter what level of fitness and athletic ability somebody is at, there is no difference in the excitement level of conquering a benchmark in which they couldn't achieve before. It is entirely the same for a high school athlete to Jerk 250 lbs as it is for somebody who hasn't attempted to squat in 20 years to get their butt below their knees with there feet flat on the ground. Abilities can and need to be improved for everyone. I will no longer subject myself to thinking I will only train one type. I am opening myself up to any individual who is in need of improved performance and mobility. The relationships I develop are really the one and only thing that matters most.
Monsieur Bill Brooks has made great stride in his last 5 week of training. Most of which has been completely reteaching the body how to move with more function. "I used to do these movements as a young child, and now I feel like I've never done them before." Functional movement is about training your body in a way that it is designed by nature to move.

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