Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Time for Everything

Every one knows this. Very rarely do we accomplish a challenging task in one attempt. If a baby didn't try to walk again after falling flat on its tail, or keep trying after 2 steps and smack on its face, where would we all be? We'd be crawling around looking like a bunch of babies. But we aren't babies so we'd really just be crawling around looking silly. Fortunately though, we didn't quit trying. Neither will the babies quit. So just like we get up and walk every morning, they too will be walking soon right along next to us. I'm no expert in babies, but I’m guessing from the time they start to try walking to the time they are actually able to walk very well is around the 4 to 5 month frame. Jenny Ervin has been working out at Crossfit Central now for about 6 months. When she started, pulling her body up an inch was an accomplishment. Not even close to doing a pull-up. She had a goal in her mind though that she was going to be able to do a pull-up. Last month I told her that she was going to get one by the end of the month. Almost with no help of mine, she finally got her first 2 weeks ago. chin to the bar. I had to count it because the pic looked so good. Now, she can do 5 in row. In 2 weeks, she will do 10 in a row. Not only is she doing them, but she has perfect technique. A lot of woman come to our gym with no prior experience of pull-ups. It's always the same "I don't think I will do those" or just "yeah right". Here is the deal. At Crossfit, women are strong and confident. This is the place where women do pull-ups. So when you come expect that you will be doing them before long. Congrats Jenny. You are now among the few.

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Roland Cantu said...

Mike! Great f'n article. I have 4 ladies right now that I am painting "the Pull-up picture" with. I am definitely using your article. Get some son. much love.