Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Doing all you Can

How many things can you do for yourself to ensure a future of good health and fitness? I have to say a lot! I am a true believer in taking care of myself physically so that I am able to maintain a long term active lifestyle. I am continuously blown away by people who neglect their own health even though the evidence is all around us of what we will look like by doing so. People who take care of themselves end up so much better off after the age of 40 than people who do not.
I have recently found out that I have an issue with my Spinal Cord that has been causing me some problems in my lower back. This makes me realize where even I've been slacking myself. Understand that every bit of your physical appearance can be altered by how you take care of or neglect your body with your day to day routine.
I have done very well for myself my doing functional training and challenging myself with it. I also have maintained eating habits which are better than about 98 percent of the population. However there are things that my body also are in major need of for recovery that I have managed to neglect.
My sleeping patterns are inconsistent for one. Our bodies need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep and are most benefited with up to 10. I have managed to allow myself 6 and less numerous times. We also need to stretch often at which a am fairly well at doing. The main priority that I've seemed to neglect the most is Massage therapy. This is something that we need as often as twice a day. I will wait several weeks to do.
For my neglection in these things, I am now experiencing the consequences. I have made a new commitment to myself for improving at my weaknesses because I've chosen a life of no limitation. I will continue to learn and understand ways in which will allow me to improve my present state. I know for a fact that by doing little things consistently day in/ day out, large benefits occur. We have desires to achieve certain thing and progress forward so that we may obtain them. I will let you know when my spine is corrected and I am free of pain in my lower back.
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