Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crossfit is Excellence!

I've heard it said before that CrossFit isn't the first program to do Cross Training. I've also heard people say that they allready do a program that is like CrossFit.

I'm not sure that CrossFit can be defined as a Crosstraining program. I also don't know of another program that implements Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Kettlebells and Gymnastics all in one. So with that said, there is no other program like CrossFit, nor is it in anyway trying to copy any other program design that has previously exsisted. Glassman wanted to use movements and created workouts that were going to optimize human performance in every physical way possible. This is why Crossfit incorporates so many uncommon training principles and eliminates all the others that don't have as much effect. To limit CrossFit to a simplistic term to define it, one would just have to say that it is Truely Unique.

That is not what makes CrossFit the program that it is though. No single individual could ever could achieve their optimal ability through just doing the workouts alone. The thing that seperates Crossfit as the best fitness program ever is the Excellence in Coaching that goes with every single functional excercise we do. Our leaders in every community we are involved with teach us how to perform the complex movements perfectly and the simple movements even better. We squat, lunges, press, pull, jump, land, run and lift the right way everytime.

Coach Burgener from Southern Cal will not allow a barbell(PVC Pipe Only) in day one of a Oly Lifting Cert. Mark Rippetoe from Crossfit Wichita Falls refuses to allow us not to understand how to efficiently lift heavy loads off the ground or press them over our body. Jeff Martone knows what a Kettlebell looks like on the inside and Tony Blauer teaches you how to react off a flinch to save yourself from a knife attack. Coach Glassman has brought all these people together through his passion of bring the best program fitness has ever seen to light. These men not only teach, but demand perfection in the way we understand what it is we are doing.

Thanks to Coach Glassman and all these other gentleman so am I able to bring Crossfit to all those I train so that they to may be able to do things they have never done before. If I wasn't sure that these mentors are all the real deal, I would not feel comfortable out to anyone else wanting to get themselves in the best shape of their lives.

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