Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fitness... What does that really mean?

Crossfit is the first Fitness program to give and actual definition of Fitness. That may seem hard to believe considering the word Fit has been used so many times by so many people in so many communities over the past several years. Crossfitters believe that this word has been used loosely and should be re-evaluated before using it. If you've yet to read the CF Journal on this topic please do. (What is Fitness - CF Journal #1) This will explain more about Fitness than you ever considered before.
My main reason for this post is because Crossfit in the safest and most efficient way to workout. For many outsiders it looks "Crazy", "Dangerous", "Stupid", and "Overboard." These peoples opinions are based only on the fact that they are outsiders and have not a clue what it is that we are actually doing. That's all well and good as far as I'm concerned, but I cannot let an outsiders opinion affect the opinion of anyone who is actually reading this blog right now.
In our workouts there is nothing more important than moving our bodies in a mechanically correct way. In our workouts, there is nothing more important than the speed in which we push ourselves to get the work we are doing finished. In our workouts there is nothing more important than a solid foundation of nutrition to enable us to perform. In CrossFit we do everything the right way every time to be the best we can be.
Strength, Speed, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, Stamina, Agility, Balance, Flexibility, and Accuracy are all earned not given.
The most absolute reason I do Crossfit is because I want to be 100 prepared for whatever life can throw my way. I also know that by living this way all the time, I will never have to live my life Sick, Decrepit and unable.

Enjoy the Video if you haven't seen it.

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Nikki said...

I was trying to explain "Fitness" to a friend this morning. She didn't get it and we debated one excuse after another as to why she is not fit. This blog is great Mike. The video really tops it off. Keep 'em coming!