Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crossfit Certification

Crossfit Certifications never let me down. The first time I attended as a level 1, I had no Idea what to expect. I didn't realize the depths of knowledge I was walking myself into. Coach Glassman explained things in a way that made sense. Levels of knowledge pouring out of his mouth, about things I have done my whole life, that I had never even considered. There was no debating him about anything that he taught, because what he talk had worked over and over and over again without any source being able to challenge him in a way that made him wrong. CrossFit is the best fitness program ever developed and people that do it end up becoming more fit than they've ever been before. That was made very clear to me after my first cert.

Soon after my level one, I went to my level 2. By this point I was much more involved with the community. This is when I realized that more than a fitness program, Crossfit is much more than that. CrossFit is a team of people working together to break down barriers in front of them to reach a point that they have never been. This program thrives on the community. For most these workouts are not something we can reach our potential with if we did them on our own. In almost every Personnel Record at the top of Crossfit nation has been achieved on a stage with a crowd of people cheering them on. I completed a workout that I may have not finished that weekend if it wasn't for the people in the community encouraging me to keep going. I grew stronger in many relationships based off of that weekend of positive energy.

Now, I've been able to see the other side. 50 new level 1 trainees came to Ft Worth, TX (GSX Athletics) for a certification held by CrossFit. Jeremy Thiel and myself both were invited to be guest coaches. I was again blown away by what took place. I continued to learn from the great leaders from Crossfit HQ(Tony Budding and Dave Castro). Also had an opportunity to meet a couple other individuals from San Francisco and Chico Valley whom I have much respect. (Kelly Starett and Robb Wolf). I was honored for the opportunity and am encourage to continue to be involved with this community so that I can continue to develop myself as a better athlete and coach!

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