Thursday, January 10, 2008

Being Motivated

Everybody has there own way and reasons for doing everything they do. We are not all equally motivated or inspired to do all the exact same things. Some things we won't do because we just aren't interested. Other things we don't do because we don't think we would be good at it. Sometimes however there are points in time that we can find it challenging to do the things in Life that we love the most. How can this happen? If we have within our hearts certain things that make us feel without question when we are doing it there is nothing else that we rather be doing, why then do we sometimes not want to go do it we the opportunity comes?

External Motivation is a very powerful thing. I can't count how many times I've not wanted to do something, then had somebody else say a few words to snap me right into action. We all need somebody sometimes to help get our minds and bodies vamped up to do things we know we should. Unfortunately though that isn't always going to happen so honestly it is each one of our own responsibilities to take our own initiative and do the damn thing ourself. Everybody deep down inside themselves knows this to be fact. Not everybody applies this. It is not an option to sit around and not get things done, just because you don't have the right influences to help you do it. Its your job to get up, strap up, and get to work. Do it today, do it tommorow and the next day. This is a never ending cycle of our lives. If you want good things for your life, go get them.

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