Thursday, January 3, 2008

Staying true to my roots

Every time somebody ask Jeremy or myself how long we've been doing Crossfit, our answer is this: "All my life".
Although Crossfit has been on the web only since 2002 and we have been following the workouts of the day since 2005, the methods of training that we incorporate into our workouts and pushing intensity is truly something that we learned at a very young age.
By its own definition described by Coach Glassman, Crossfit is constantly varied functional movement that is performed at high intensity. This means that we don't do things in the same order ever and we push ourselves to our maximum ability all the time. Your body can never adjust this way and your performance and function will only improve. I am grateful to for showing me safer ways to do these types of workouts as well as help give me a better understanding of why this is the way we should train.
I do however have to give credit the people who showed me early on when I first entered the world of athletics who gave me reason to work so hard and developed the ability to push myself more than I ever though possible. Starting when I was in grade school sports of running sprints over and over to become conditioned and going into Jr High sports where I learned a little about lifting weights to become strong, I thank all you coaches for motivating me.
High School I learned much more about Strength and Conditioning methods in which I still apply today. These years and the people I spent them with have truly shaped me much into the person I now am. The picture above shows a man (James Morton - Head Football Coach Lubbock Monterey High) who taught me more about hard work, commitment to excel, and teamwork than I ever would have learn without. Also a crew of guys that I fought, bled and shed tears for many of time who I would still do the same for today. I will never forgot the first time I did a workout that made me think I was going to die for the next 5 hours. These guys were all there. I sure am glad I didn't quit!
Crossfit is for everybody, but usually only the Strong can last. --- RESPECT PAIN (Click)