Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fitness out of Community

We have a mantra at Crossfit Central that we go to with every group we train. We believe in Building a Fit community. To us, this means a couple of different things. These can go in either order, and that is developing community out of fitness or developing fitness out of community. I want to dive a little bit deeper into the understanding of what this means.
Some of our programs are set up as fitness classes that anybody from any background can come into. Every Boot camp and CrossFit class is open to the public to come into so that they as individuals can join a group of other individuals who want to strive to expand their fitness abilities. In every one of these programs, the same process has occurred. They were all strangers to each other in the beginning. Nobody spoke allot to one another in the beginning. The workouts absolutely forced a common bond for the group so that they began to encourage and support each other to finish the workouts. These workouts are not easy task, each person that attempts them will feed off of external motivation to help them through. As the fitness levels have increased in the group, so to has each person's desire to drive the others to go harder and faster during the workouts to then they would have done otherwise. This sense of giving it your all for the others in the group, helps to elevate the energy and excitement of the workouts and form bonds through celebration of accomplishments. No longer are these people individuals in a group fitness class, but they are now a team of competitors training for one each others advancements towards conquering new barriers.
The other side of what we do is a bit of a different scenario. We train groups of people who have known each other either through work or long time friendships who didn't need our workouts to develop a bond. This is the case with our corporate programs we train. The picture above shows several of the team of Rosenthal and Watson Law firm who were basically brother and sisters when we started working with them. My objective with this group was strictly fitness. Their encouragement could be seen from the start. It was perfect for them to all feel comfortable with each other from the start. This group has held each other accountable and have continued to come primarily because of that factor alone. On their own, doing a fitness program was not in there best interest, but with there close friends who they have known for a while, have used that bond to motivate each other to achieve a healthier lifestyle. They celebrate together the fact that the others in the group are looking better. Fitness out of community is such a powerful phenomenon. For me, being able to have been adopted into this type of family environment has been such a privilege.
This post is a major Thank You to every group that I work with. It has been a fun experience to see you all grow!

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Di said...

Oops, you can see i don't leave comments very often, i left a comment on the wrong blog...anyway, great picture of the R&W gang. We definitely have to get all the R&W Crossfitters together for a group picture. That is a great blog Michael!!!