Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just Like Home

When you spend enough time somewhere it eventually starts to feel like your 2nd home. This month I took over coaching the T/TH noon KB Classes as well as the Friday CrossFit Class. I actually think that I now spend more time at the gym than I do at home since I am leading classes all day long. It funny because I still am wonder how to get even more people to come and learn this stuff and be a part of our community at CrossFit Central. I remember times in high school when Jeremy and I along with a few of my other friends would sit in the locker room after a workout for an hour or so even though we had been at the school for at least 10 hours that day. This must be a sign of loving what you do right. Don't most people look for reasons to leave work ? I'm wondering how to get more people in even though that might include spending another hour there each day. You know what!... I wouldn't have it another way!

CrossFit... We are not a cult, just a bunch of like minded people that can handle a challenge.

I Love this Game!

Thanks all you guys and gals who share your time with us each week! See you tommorow!
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Randal Setzler said...

Big Mike I really think you do live at the gym! So I guess that makes me like a downstairs neighbor or something similar. Keep makeing me sweat with the kettlebells and I will keep coming back!