Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fitness as it should be

Being Fit is really no different than being childlike. We are by nature a physical being who move our bodies in every which way possible. I don't know one young child who isn't eager to jump from the seat and figure out how to fly themselves around the room they are in if only gravity could just release them from its grasp. These children find a way to get to places they have never been and they using their strength, balance, coordination and endurance to make it happen.

It is only by learning how to loose these senses in which we become unFit. If we would have just kept doing the things our parents told us not too, then humanism would be filled with people who can do things that are now seen as if only a select few were gifted with.

Get it Back!

Pic: UT elementary students having a blast running, jumping and Diving their way around the WAYA gymnasium. What Fun!
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