Sunday, June 1, 2008

Out of Bed


Taking your health, fitness and productivity to another level will always come back to what you are doing for yourself in many different avenues. One of those that is a foundation of everything we do is our eating habits. So many will eat/snack unaware of what they are doing to themselves. "I had a Banana for breakfast... healthy right?" "I didn't eat because it was after 8pm and I wanted to avoid the calories."
Well at Crossfit Central we do not stand for malnutrition and if you are not getting where you want to be, all we can say is fix it. The clients that listen to us about nutrition get results. Everyone of them.
Here is a pic of a typical breakfast in my home.
Chopped onions and Bellpeppers, spinach, grilled chicken, bacon, eggs, and cheese cooked together. I topped this of with Some avocado and salsa. This meal can be made to fit the serving size of anyone of you. Don't forget the seasoning!
If you want to speed your progress up or take it to another level... Ask us how!
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John said...

That breakfast looks awesome!