Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Before Crossfit was Easy

Posted by PicasaDoes the Title of this post even make any sense? Crossfit and easy go together about as well as a 5 year old drinking coffee. However, these days getting involved with a group of Crossfitters has become much easier than it has ever been.
The day I started doing Crossfit workouts, the thought of 90 people in a large lot of grass on a Saturday morning was the so far out of my mind it was ridiculous. The coaches at Crossfit Central were at many times loners in their own workouts when it came to Squats, Pull-ups and KB swings done quickly. Imagine you being at a gym or walking around in your neighborhood and turning to see some maniac looking like they were at the point of passing out or throwing up because they wanted so bad to achieve a level of fitness that no one has ever been. We didn't workout in large groups, in the beginning.
What we would do was walk outside with a couple of Dumbbells, find a wall that was low enough to jump on and get after it. Push ups, thrusters, dips, run, renegade rows. to failure. Sometimes in the gym wall ball and pull-ups were a luxury if they had the Med Ball or a Bar. I remember wedging barbells in the ceiling beams at the gym to learn a kipping pull-ups. I remember going walking in a falling out of the gym before some people finished their "Cardio" on whatever machine they were on that day. When it was cold Tabata Squats and Pushups were the workout inside the house.
Austin is the Stage for Crossfit. No other city can be a better setting. Our gym makes somebody that wants to be a Crossfitter and be good at it have an opportunity that nowhere else can. The people in this town who work out with us allow the new person to feel welcome and gain results faster than they would on their own. We as coaches will give you the knowledge you need to make gains you could never make on your own. Fitness is our Goal and Fitness is what we do.
You have an option! The Hard way or the Easy Way!

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