Thursday, August 7, 2008


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A Year goes by and you look back and say "WOW!" A year ago I had been in Austin for a year. The day after I got here was the Day that Crossfit Central was hosting the First anual Fight gone Bad Fundraiser. I never new what was coming to me. I jumped into that workout expecting to do well and it smacked me in the face harder than I have ever been smacked before. Right after that smack in the face I was sure a Mac truck immediately came at me from the side and Plowed me over with about all 18 wheels and left me to suffer. I just wish I would have been more prepared. A year ago I was apart of the Crossfit Central team setting up for an event that we couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. 50 people working out for a cause and another 50 to assist and encourage a stong group of hard working people looking to give reason to back what they do. I was still hurting afterwords but the recovery was a whole lot easier. Our team raised $12,000 during to event to support Prostate Cancer.
This year this team has a vision to raise Twice the amount of money. This team has a desire be twice as fit as they were 2 years ago when this all started. And we encourage every living, moving, breathing individual to come out and be apart of the whole thing. Visit the side FGB III link for more info on the event.

If you donate to sponcer me directly I will match all my donations up to $500

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