Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bring a newbie to get in

This morning Crossfit Central hosted a workout at Headquarters location. We wanted to go a bit beyond what we would normally do with this one in that an existing client was only allowed to come if they were to bring somebody with them. With only two one days notice 15 clients showed up with another 18 visitors. Crossfit Central's circle is growing more and more everyday. Every program is open to the public with a several of our classes being capped at a maximum capacity. We are seeing a shift in our approach to allowing a new person to come in that in order to train in our programs with our coaches, potential clients will have to be on a waiting list. On top of that, the waiting list will be reserved for people who are friends or family of somebody already in the classes.
We want everyone in our programs to feel like they belong in those programs. We want bonds between all our clients and coaches in that each one of us know at any given time we got each others back. Pushing yourself as hard as you are able to enhance the physical levels of lifestyle is something that is always easier with a group striving for the same thing. People with the same goals and ambitions you have are the people you should always surround yourself with. The closer they are to you, the farther you will be able to go!
Those of you that train with us, I promise you we will keep fighting forward Day by Day and be the Family that we've truly have become!

Great Job to those of you who brought someone today. That was your key to get in the doors and you turned it into another great morning workout!
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