Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Loosing Focus

Sometimes I will find a workout that will nail me to the ground. Not finishing or wanting to finish a workout is usually a consideration that I will eliminate from my thoughts. However the last 4 days I hit a wall in 2 separate workouts in which I chose not to finish one of and needed Coach John to get me through the other.
There was a reason this happened and I will throw this out there because it has been on my mind more than I would like it to be. Some of my clients I think will appreciate this post.
I am 26 and almost grown out of my desire to go out to bars and parties. However over the last month or so I have been finding reasons to do that a lot more than I should. I have not completely let myself go in that I have been eating well but the combination of lose of sleep with too much alcohol in my system has been causing me to fatigue easily throughout the day and crash hard in my training. Although the times I have been spending doing those things were enjoyable during the moment, my focus is what has driven me to get where I am today. Many times handling a workloads upwards of 80 hours and 6 workouts a week. I take pride that I work hard and will not let any activity disrupt that for an extended period of time. I don't stress out on things I do because it is indeed what I love. My fitness and health, staying on the right side of the continuum are of the most importance to me. My clients are important to me. This blog and the people who draw motivation from it are important to me. If I seem like I've been slipping over the last month, I apologize. I have stated aloud that my focus is in back intact and I will not lose it again. Every day is a chance to improve, or if you need to, revamp yourself to get on the right track. Let’s steadily make our way forward on that ongoing track of progression.
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Russell Butler said...

You always inspire me Mike! Since back in the day son! Love ya bro

Melicious said...

Hey, Mike. You're definitely an inspiration and as backwards as it probably sounds, it's actually really helpful to know that even superheroes like you struggle to stay on course sometimes, too.

I love your blog -- and I feel very fortunate to have your positive influence in my life.

DaveRe said...

Life is full of fits and starts... and you cannot maintain a razor sharp focus 100% of the time, much as we'd all like to think we can. R&R is important to keeping the head on straight, and keeping the goals in perspective - and to avoiding "burn out".

The catch is that you can also overdo the R&R... in small doses, its all good, but when it stops being a release, and starts becoming a detriment... time to reel it back in ;)

I think a lot of us look at you guys coaching at CFC, and marvel at your ability to work, suffer, and transcend... Its always good to know you guys are a little bit human, too... ;)

JDP said...

Very good post Mike. Your humility is inspiring. You recognized you weren't quite yourself and made a change to get dialed in again. Thanks for welcoming me into your circle.

Carey Kepler said...

i love you Mike! And I am glad to see you back on track and i am here for you always!

Bonita L said...

You are a fine example of someone who sets high standards for yourself that sometimes cannot be achieved 100% of the time. Thanks for being who you are and sharing your journey with us. You are amazing!

Smarty said...

That's a sweet pic!

Mike, you are so great at helping motivate others. It's actually good to know you're human too and have to re-focus every once in a while.

Thank you for leading by example. :)

-Melissa W.