Monday, August 25, 2008

Something different

Crossfit has taken presedence in the way I train and how I train a majority of my clients. This has happened because that Crossfit delivers the best overall result to improving a persons fitness quickly. Most of us want something that works and something that will keep them entertained while they are doing it. The only thing about Crossfit is that the program does not specialize in specific realms of the fitness components that we use. That means that training for a particular skill will take additional time to dial in proper mechanics for better efficiency. I have always read into and studied other areas of training and have continued to incorporate them with certain groups of people who I train. A few months back Jeremy and I began coaching programs that were specific to using Kettlebells. This tool delivers huge fitness benefits once you learn how to use it correctly.
This weekend I attended my first certification geared directly towards Kettlebell training with Jeff Martone. Although, I have spent many of hours studying Kettlebell training, the weekend actually fired me back up to get these classes filled with people who have not spent much time with them. Kettlebell training I have noticed is quite addicting once you really start swinging around for a little bit. It seems like once you get something down with them, another drill is right there to challenge you. If you have not been to a class yet, jump into one immediately I will even allow your first session of participation free of charge. You will learn more new tricks that you can do with a simple(yet interesting looking) weight that you can do in your living room or hotel room if you are traveling.
By the way, if you sign up for the class, we will be selling Kettlebells for have price to new clients. For a class that is only $100 I only can say one thing... Why wait any longer?

Email me about free class participation. Only 2 people will be allowed to attend any givin class.

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