Monday, September 8, 2008

The Healthy Part

What Does it take to get to the Right side the the Fitness Continuum. I talk allot to my one on one clients about that. Fitness is on the opposite end of the spectrum of Sickness. Therefore it is absolutely impossible to be both Sick and Fit at the Same time. The problem for most people is that they are never really committed to staying on the Fitness side so usually they are hovering somewhere in between which is the area we know as wellness. From a fitness perspective, I like to describe that area as mediocrity. If you are going to take interest in your health, why not get to the right side of the spectrum. My man Jevon posted a few weeks back about what is Fitness in 100 words. I recommend you read it! Also the Crossfit Nutrition Guru Robb Wolf is well studied in all the truth behind what people need to do and have done for the last several centuries when it comes to avoiding sickness in whole. I simply want you to understand what sickness is and that is this (high cholesterol, high blood sugar, obesity, low bone density and muscle mass, all disease). Sickness as a whole is what we are setting out to destroy. Staying away from Doctors and the dramatic amount of nonsense that they preach is a primary objective. Crossfit, the Zone Diet, Paleo eating habits are undoubtedly a great way to to contribute to busting these issues out of our countries face. Starting with you, we are out to change the world. If you wonder at all what you can do to help yourself, this is it!

Robb Wolf document on Shopping revised a little for a Austinite to use!
(We won't stop training you if you don't follow this exactly but the waisting your money if you don't isn't too far fetched)

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