Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am Crossfit!

The intensity moves me! The fact that I am about to do something that I know will be worth saying that I did inspires me to do it. Is Crossfit easy? Hell no! Can anybody do it? Of course! Do we take away the experience of what it should feel like to do a Crossfit workout just so you can do it? Hell no! Crossfit is intense by design. If you have the inner desire to push yourself intensely than you found the right place and the right people. If you just want support and something to feel good about the fact you didn't stay home, you won't need us you can go walk a big loop at the mall for that.
Crossfitters work our asses off. We are workaholics.

I needed a good sweat earlier so I put my dog on leash to have here go run with me. Maybe a quarter mile in she slowed down and before a half mile started making stops. I'm not a runner but I was getting mad! The intensity of my run did not meet the needs of why I went to go do it in the first place. I am not fond of wasting my time in my workouts or much of anything else that I do.

My clients and myself Workout! We go hard. We get a lot done and we do it fast. Even the beginners who never worked out in there lives are going to know that we are not meeting for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour to mess around. Our innermost desires are to become better at what we do because we just have to. We won't take for granted the time we spend during our workouts because we know that If we are not willing to go beyond our comfort levels, we won't get anywhere fast! Losing is not an option for us!

Go Hard or Go Home right!

Are we intense?
You better believe it!

Get Some!
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Team CS said...

I really love this post, Big Mike. It's really inspirational. and what I LOVE about CrossFit Central is that the coaches are just as excited and pumped about working out, as the clients are.
You all definitely don't let me slack on anything!

I appreciate all the support, encouragement, and understanding that you have for this fitness journey. Thanks.

You're awesome!

-Carla Wuthrich (CrossFit Client)