Sunday, September 14, 2008

Taking the time to Learn How

Time and time again we go through exercises to train our bodies. I've seen thousands of people squat and do push ups. I am always looking at the differences of peoples mechanics when they run. The one common thread that I notice is the people who have the best movement patterns through proper mechanics always get the best results. I know that if a person trains to do things the right way, the long term effects are always better and never take as long. If I see somebodies arms that are well defined I can tell you whether or not they are doing their push ups correctly.

Obviously when I talk about mechanics, I am also referring to the practice that it takes to dial them in. Most beginners of Crossfit will not be able to perform all the movements perfectly when they come in. This makes the teaching component key. I remember days during high school football that our team would take hours to learn how to run on play. Not only did everybody have to know there assignments to where they needed to be, but we also had to know which foot to lead with, what angle to take and how to rotate our body to find the spot we were going to. If the time wouldn't have been taking to make all those thing second nature, we would have felled 99 out of 100 times we did them. We had to be taught and drilled over and over again to get it right.

Everyday I am talking people through the details to get there body in the right position from heals to shoulders. I know that once they start getting it right, their results will sky rocket. I will see faster times, higher scores, and better looking bodies because of it. If I allow somebody to move incorrectly over and over again, I can guarantee imbalances physically and potential harm (injuries), and quicker fatigue. We strive for the best.

This Saturday Crossfit Central hosted a practice workout at the gym. In that we did just that. We practiced doing the movements the right way and aimed to improve all the athletes abilities to move better so that they could perform better. The turnout and the response was terrific. After the practice a mini Fight Gone Bad was performed as everyone involved created a surge of high energy that really could give Austin something truly powerful to see since the Monster Hurricane Ike that it better not come and mess with our city.

September 27th Athletes for a Cure fundraiser is gonna be a showdown to remember and I'm excited to be apart of it!
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