Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Super Woman

The thing about women is they get my attention. When Carey and Crystal first started the Women's only Crossfit class, I thought to myself "Why is that necessary? If women want to do Crossfit, they should be able to do it with anybody. Would that class really make more women get involved with what we do?" It just so happens that these programs have blasted off with growth as fast as any program Crossfit Central ever has. I show up to the gym several times a week and see more and more of these women getting "Sic Fit" as we like to call it. They are determined and are becoming a major force to be reckoned with. I am really excited by their efforts and I commend them all for the work that they are putting in geared towards their goals they've set for themselves.

The truth is if I never would have seen the Nasty Girls workout from the Crossfit.com website three years ago, I may have never been inspired to attempt Crossfit on my own. When I first saw Eva, Annie, and Nicole doing that phenomenal workout I knew that allot of the things I was doing had to change. Crossfit women are the best of all and being in the presence of them regularly is something I truly do appreciate!

The inspirational “Nasty Girls” Workout Video

One more great video of women Kicking Ass
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