Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where are the Good Trainers at?


Ever since I have been out of highschool, I've gone into different gyms numerous times to get in a solid workout. I've seen many of people going through the silliest routines of excercise and I could never understand why. What drives me the most crazy though watching so many trainers who get paid to put clients through some type of nonsence workout all while they themselves are almost oblivious to the fact that they really are supposed be training the individual. All I can say to those trainers is "Thanks for the new clients!"

In the last Couple of months more and more people have been hearing about Crossfit in and around Austin. I keep hearing about the "Crossfit buzz". This new buzz has a lot more trainers outside of Crossfit Central attempting to sell there product as Crossfit. I'm amazed to hear somebody who has never even been to a Crossfit gym or much less attended a certification teaching something that they have no right to teach.
I also want to point out that there is more Crossfit affiliates aiming to open up in our area to make claim that their program is Crossfit. I welcome this competition openly. We have no intention on slowing down with bringing the outreach of Crossfit to more and more people because this is what we all live for. I will say however that if you are going to make claims that Crossfit is what you teach or Elite fitness is what your program brings to the table, then you better be able to back it up.
My mission is to be the best trainer and effect as many people as I am able. Our coaches do and will not stand around and watch our clients do things incorrectly. We also will not incorporate any type of Powder puff program and Label it Crossfit just to try to pick up a couple clients.
If you aim to coach Crossfit especially in Austin, you better really be doing it. If you are not the people will indeed find us and know that we are giving them exactly what they deserve!

3...2...1 Go!
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Bekah said...

YES!!! Cross Fit IS where all the GREAT trainers are. The community workout this morning was sweaty and dirty, just like we like it.
But if you are trying to break us you are going to have to work harder than that!

Bring it,
lulu bekah

Mchael Gregory said...

I guess you will have to come to my class and see if you really can hang with me.