Monday, July 14, 2008

Coordination, Accuracy, Agility and Balance

Can you improve your Fitness without using weight?
I recommend it! You have to remeber that there are 10 general physical skills of fitness. Why is it that most people only work on a few? If you neglect any of the 10 then your fitness is suffering! Coach Burgener is our Olympic weightlifting coach who resides in Southern California. Our programs teach a warm-up that he does with all of his athletes called the Burgener Warm-up(Video). In the video you see Sage(Future Olympion ) using a Barbell. In our programs we teach with PVC pipe. Do do this warm-up correctly, somebody has to have excellent body control. That means coordination, accuracy, agility and balance all are equally important. Many people think that because the pipe has no weight that the they can do it correctly. In reality they are lacking in their skill set of those components of fitness.
If this is the case for you, like most of our new clients, I strongly recommend improving those skills imediately. I say this because without these skills, Every other component of your fitness will me suffering. You will never be as strong, powerful, fast or flexible as you could be. Not to mention everybody I know can still improve on there Endurance and Stamina. Those will also see major gains.
Get more Fit and Be better off for doing so!

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