Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Dog is awesome!

Every day I run. Usually it last somewhere around 2 minutes. It is a part of the way I warm up to workout. Somedays that Run is repeated about 3 to 5 times max. Yesterday I set out to run a 5k. I didn't map this out right which is the only thing I regret. around the 20th minute I realize that I was much to far into the run that was going to get me back to my starting point making it a 5k. This meant that I was going to have to run farther. I guess this would sound easy for somebody like me and really it wasn't. Running any distance is likely my least favorite thing to do. My legs can handle it. My lungs don't mind too much. However the thing about this running is the tension and the burn that start to go through my upper back, neck, shoulders and Triceps. I know I run with decent form and to have something like this happen to me once I start hitting my 24th minute of running become unbearable to me. My body collapses on top of me and I can find no relief of it in any attempt of correction. This could potentially be the hardest part of finishing any workout I set out to do. Yesterday my 5k turned into about 4 1/4 miles. This took me right at 37 minutes. This was the first distance run I've done in about 8 months. Last Thanksgiving I did the Turkey Trot in 51 minutes. The same thing slowed me down.
Now I'm sick of being bad at running. I'm commiting to getting better. I am going to improve on this weekness with my first objective being to go under 45 minutes in this years Trot. I will also commit to getting my 5k time down about 5 minutes to under 21 minutes. Understand that this is a weakness of mine that I will not let conquer me nobody how much I hate it or how bad I am at it. I want to see what You are willing to do even if you aren't good at it or just plain hate to do it. Fitness is not about doing what you are good at but about improving on the thing you are not.

Here we go!


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Melicious said...

Hooray! Go, Mike! You know Dave and I are working on our running, too... so don't feel like you're out there alone. When I'm struggling on a run, I imagine all the awesome CrossFit peeps running along with me -- and even if it doesn't get easier, I at least have company in my misery ;-)

Mchael Gregory said...

I'm gonna be kicking myself for this post! Thanks for the support!

Ashley said...

Good post! I am also wanting to improve my running skill. Keep up the dedicated, hard work at CrossFit.