Sunday, September 21, 2008

The 1 percent Mind

Coach Greg Glassman, John Henry McDonald, Lou Holtz, Marc Rosenthal, Danny McDaniel, Dani Johnson, John C Maxwell, Mohammad Ali and Jeremy Thiel are all people that I have all given me insight on achievement of the endless amounts of possibilities this life has to offer us. These people believe in doing great things in their physical, emotional, mental, fiscal and spiritual lives all because each of them is willing to remove everything anybody told them they couldn't do from their minds. These people are warriors who get up everyday the same way. They do not skip a beat on their approach to accomplish target objectives. If something seems as though it will detach them from the rout leading towards their destination, they simply do not pay any mind to it. People that tell them what they can't do or try another way they say "Get out of my face!" Greatness has never just happened. Working towards the top tier of a lifestyle or mission is always the same. We first have to See it and Believe it. Once you believe it and only then is when you can do it. Understanding the approach of these people and taking the time to learn from them ourselves will surely remove us more and more away from the norm of mediocrity.
Stop Settling!
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